Full Time Staff

Russell Schafer

Chief Schafer started in EMS in 2002 in the City of Monona and has also worked as a ER Technician at Meriter. In 2014 he started work here as a Crew Chief and in 2015 was hired as the Chief of Lodi Area EMS. He enjoys driving and working on his 71 Chevelle. You might see him at a brewer game as he enjoys attending sports games. When he is not at work he prefers to spend time with his Wife and children. As well as leading the department he is also on the A Shift rotation and routinely runs on the ambulance.

Training Director
Michael Birch

Mike has been in EMS for 42 years! the last 2 have been here at Lodi EMS serving as the Training Director and Advanced EMT. When he is at home he and his wife tend to their vegetable garden. He is also an accomplished bass player for 2 bands! He is also our tallest member standing at 6'7".

Advanced EMT
Amie Brown

Amie has been an EMS provider since 2006 and all of them have been for the City of Lodi! Amie is also the head of our CPR program. Amie has been a stay at home mom, Nursing Assistant, and a Dialysis Technician. When she is not working at Lodi EMS, she enjoys playing pool, hiking local trails and maintaining her personal garden.

Advanced EMT
Eric Hardel

Eric has work in the field of EMS since 2004 and has served the City of Lodi since 2007. He has served in the US Army for 16 years, has been deployed twice and currently holds the rank of Master Sergeant. Eric is also the Assistant Fire Chief for the Lodi Fire Department. When he is not working he enjoys hunting, fishing, woodworking and spending time with his wife and 2 children. He currently serves as a member of the C Shift rotation.

Jordan F L Powell

Jordan has been in EMS since 2011. He has been an employee with Lodi since 2/2018. He currently works part time for 2 other departments as well as teaches CPR throughout Wisconsin. When he is not working he loves to spend time with his wife and 2 dogs, hiking or road tripping. He is also collects and restores Fountain Pens. He currently serves as a member of the B Shift rotation.

Part Time Staff

Jaden Bassney

Mark Bercher

Advanced EMT
Bryce Bischel

Taylor Caravello

Taylor got her start in EMS here at Lodi in 2017. when she is not here working she enjoys her Pilates class and spending time with her dog. She has also spent time as a Life Guard and is very proud to have been adopted!

Advanced EMT
Leslie Dallman

Leslie got her EMS license in 2011 and right away started serving the City as an EMS Provider. Leslie enjoys living a healthy lifestyle including healthy diet and routine exercise. You might also see her around town on her motorcycle. Leslie is an avid athlete and has completed the Half Ironman 7 times and the Full Ironman once.

Stacy Jesse

Stacy has been an EMT since 2015 all of her years have been with Lodi. When she is not running on the ambulance Stacy enjoys spending time with her family.

Advanced EMT
Bailey Jones

Courtney Kearney

Emergency Vehicle Operator
Buck Kurt

Buck has been an Operator for Lodi since 2011. When he is not running on the ambulance he is tending to his farm and watching baseball. Occasionally you purchase come of his produce across the street from the EMS station.

Advanced EMT
Erika Mabrey

Phil Martin

Phil has been an EMT since March of 2016. He has been serving the city of Lodi since he became certified. Phil has also been a Firefighter since 2014. When he is not working at Lodi EMS he enjoys fishing and hunting. Phil has also turned his interest in cars into his own auto repair business.

Advanced EMT
Lane Mathson

Emergency Vehicle Operator Brad Morter

Nate Sievers

Kristina Streeter

Emergency Vehicle Operator Quintin Trainor

Emergency Vehicle Operator Travis Troy

Advanced EMT
Bradley Witmer